Greg and his wife, Denise are approaching their 40th wedding anniversary.
                      They have 2 children: son, Jonathan and daughter, Piper and 6 grand kids.

Up Front Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) Christian ministry that is multi-faceted in scope, including biblical mentoring, discipleship, financial consulting, pastoral counseling, music outreach, career placement & entrepreneurial projects in the marketplace.

The ministry is under the oversight of Pastor Greg Haage, who is an Ordained minister, Author, Marriage counselor, Christian recording artist and accomplished professional musician with 26 years of studio, sound engineering, radio production and live performance experience. After years of nightclub and studio tent making, Greg went into ministry in 1995.

Denise is a Level-4, Sign Language Interpreter. She exemplifies a Proverbs 31 woman.

Jonathan is the Small Groups Pastor at Five Oaks Community Church in Woodbury.  His wife, Stephanie, is was an Elementary Education Teacher but is now a stay at home Mom. They are the proud parents of their two sons, Jeremiah and Joshua, along with their daughter, Sara.

Piper is an Office Manager plus licensed MN Realtor and is married to husband, Matt Kose, State Farm repl. They have 2 daughters: Paisley and Molly and their son just arrived: Zachary  :)

Greg has over 20+ years of experience in mentoring people of all ages. He addresses the most common yet often-times not talked about issues like financial goals & budgeting, the role of sex, intimacy and candid, open communication in marriage, as well as, the need for sound doctrine that is so lacking in today's church. His promotion of the Gospel with truth, freedom, and joy, along with other ministers being raised up, brings a fresh  voice and wind of change to ministry.

This includes the completion of a 15 year Bible Study and now published book, "The Real Deal" (Following Jesus 101)  *See library page.

Greg is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker (MN. License # 40112115) and approaches that business like George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life" by finding people their "dream home."  

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He also  works with family's & young adult budgets, career placement, housing issues & credit dynamics. Greg helps with budget consulting, the dangers of debt overload and keeping the lines of communication open.

His former music business background (pre-ministry) included producing, live performing & Special Events.

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